Achieving the European Union (EU) climate targets for 2030 will be facilitated by the widespread adoption of renewable energy. Integration capacity can be achieved through market adoption of citizen energy communities (CCE). The EU-funded LIGHTNESS project will increase renewable energy capacity through social engagement, a regulatory roadmap, a low-cost technology package and innovative business models. The project aims to reduce final energy consumption and CO2 emissions with the implementation of ambitious end-user participation plans involving more than five hundred households and more than thirty tertiary service buildings. The LIGHTNESS solution will establish digital twinning for the integrated assessment of SCC case studies in five EU countries.

The cases to be studied consist of a social housing building in Poland, a private building in Italy, a business park in France, 2 CECs in the Netherlands and, in the Spanish case, the experience of the Alginet cooperative and the contribution of Unión Renovables .