Consume Inside and broaden the soul of the Social and Solidarity Economy with Unión Renovables.

Have you ever think about the impact your consumption has and the differences of doing it in one or another company? What if that impact were added to that of hundreds of people and companies as aware as you of the transformative power of your consumption? Indeed, the capacity we have as a whole is immense and it is this collective power that this campaign wants to challenge, we welcome you to it!

“Consume Inside” is that: an initiative promoted by REAS Network of networks to promote internal consumption within the Solidarity Economy, from the conviction that reinforcing our own economic circuits, producing and consuming in our entities, is today more necessary than ever . There are many solidarity companies that in these difficult times need the support of other entities and other people who consume in a conscious and responsible way to continue with their economic activity that generates great social and environmental benefits. As there are also more and more people who do not want their consumption and money to feed a system that causes inequality, poverty, precariousness and environmental destruction.

From Unión Renovables we support this campaign and invite you to consume energy from our partner cooperatives.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if all the people who are part of the Solidarity Economy, such as workers, collaborators, partners or clients of any entity of the SSE, consume in a decided and joint way in our own alternative economic circuit, in our Market Social?

Our intuition is that we would have a huge transformative impact. We invite you to check it by diving on the web and doing the test with us. #ConsumeDentro, that there are also surprises … Because if it is not fun and transformative, this is not my campaign!