Unión Renovables at the Spanish International Renewable Energy Conference (SPIREC)

Unión Renovables has been invited to participate in the event: What Community Power Needs within the framework of the Spanish International Renewable Energy Conference (SPIREC) that will take place on February 20 in Madrid.


Event:What Community Power Needs

Date: Monday, February 20, 2023

Local time: 7:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.

Location: IFEMA (Madrid). SPIREC: North Convention Center: Room D. https://spirec.es/localizacion/

Community energy, locally owned and controlled renewable energy, plays a key role in creating the
socioeconomic impetus for a rapid shift to renewable energy.
While community power has become a mainstay of energy supply in some parts of the world, many countries continue to lag behind.
Community energy investors need non-discriminatory market access and fair market rules. If this is the case, such local investment will lead to a cheaper, more democratic and more resilient energy supply.
The side event will mainly focus on the situation in the Iberian Peninsula and will identify the barriers as well as the potentials of a community and citizen based renewable energy economy.

The event will present, from the point of view of professionals, the barriers that prevent a more decentralized development and citizen-centred energy supply. Speakers will highlight the situation in the Iberian Peninsula and identify barriers as well as opportunities for community and citizen based renewable energy economies.

• Introduction and overview (10 min): Stefan Gsänger and Shota Furuya
• Community power in the Iberian Peninsula (10 min): Pep Puig
• Opportunities to overcome the barriers of community energy projects in Spain (10 min): Xavi Bou
• Blockchain opportunities in the context of community energy (10 min): Maria Lluïsa Marsal-Llacuna
• Round table on the exchange of local experiences on energy communities (50 min)

Stefan Gsänger (WWEA), Josep Puig i Boix (Eurosolar/Eolpop), Shota Furuya (ISEP Japan), Xavi Bou (Elecsum),
Eduardo Sánchez Jacob (Som Energia)), Genoveva López Morales (Ecooo), Juan Sacri (Sapiens Energia), Lluïsa
Marsal (CBCat), Alfonso García Márquez (Union Renewables).