Unión Renovables participates in the Community Energy Spring Gathering

The Community Energy Spring Gathering is a meeting that will be held in Athens from May 8 to 10, 2023, organized by Rescoop and the Greek cooperative Electra Energy.

Community Energy Spring Gathering: Back to the roots of (energy) democracy - REScoop

For three days, workshops and exchanges with citizens and other local stakeholders will be held to boost the community energy movement. The Community Energy Spring Gathering aims to foster community energy networks in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, and will offer training and workshops for beginning and advanced energy communities.

The Community Energy Spring Gathering will contain two lines of activities and workshops. The first series of workshops will focus on bringing together community leaders from Eastern Europe and the Balkans to consolidate and support the community energy movement in the region, where citizen energy is less established compared to Central and Western Europe.

The second series of activities and workshops will be geared towards more established energy communities and members of REScoop.eu.

The participation of Unión Renovables, led by Erika Martínez, will be on the 2nd (May 9) and in the activity ‘Training of national federations of energy communities’.