LOCATION: Valencia

ABOUT THE COOPERATIVE: Nowadays the Cooperativa Eléctrica de Castellar, without renouncing its founding principles, is a modern electric power commercialization company that offers a service of the best quality and at the lowest price to all its members and subscribers, thanks to a policy of constant investments and improvements in its facilities and of adaptation to technological and social advances. The Cooperativa Eléctrica de Castellar, through a company owned one hundred percent by the entity, distributes mainly to the districts of Castellar-Oliveral and Horno de Alcedo.

In 2002, the new Social Headquarters on Calle Aurora No. 34 was inaugurated, in which are the offices of attention to the public and the warehouses, the assembly hall, the exhibition hall and the library open to the public of our district . By having these new facilities, the Cooperative, within its Social Work, has started a series of cultural activities for the enjoyment of all the residents of its area of ​​activity.