LOCATION: Guadassuar (Valencia)

ABOUT THE COOPERATIVE: COOPELEC is the Guadassuar Electric Cooperative, a project for the commercialization of renewable, green and clean energy. Based on the idea of ​​providing benefits to both our partners and society, we offer our partners the possibility of consuming 100% renewable energy in their home and at the most advantageous price possible, being a real, transparent and guaranteed alternative to electricity conventional.

We operate at a local and regional level and directly manage the electricity consumption of our partners. We are committed to an efficient, transparent, responsible and sustainable energy model. Currently, the distribution company wholly owned by the cooperative has 21 own transformation centers and a distribution center that covers the demand of our partners with 20,280 kVA of installed power.

COOPELEC is responsible for promoting a renewable and efficient energy model, favoring the growth of a social, participatory and transformative economy, direct contact with our partners and transparency in management.

COOPELEC directly manages SERVICOOP, a gas station that offers numerous advantages for cooperative members and that has three charging points for electric vehicles with slow or fast charging systems.