LOCATION: Calle Toledo 108, Mar de Energía (28012 Madrid)

ABOUT THE COOPERATIVE: In 2015 a group of people from the Px1NME joined with the idea of ​​creating an electricity cooperative for Madrid and in December we were already established as a consumer and user cooperative. June 2016 is the date on which we signed a collaboration agreement with the Goiener cooperative to start our activity while we achieved the critical mass necessary to be able to act as our own marketer.

In March 2018 we became part of the Madrid Social Market and in June 2019 we obtained our marketing license, which constitutes one of the most important milestones in our young history.

We offer 100% renewable energy, but not only that, but considering that self-production of energy is key if we want a true transformation of the current energy model, we offer training and energy advice, energy audits, efficiency advice, self-production facilities. (self-consumption) and installation of charging points for electric vehicles.