LOCATION: Vilagarcia de Arousa (Galicia)

ABOUT THE COOPERATIVE: Nosa Enerxía was born as the first Galician cooperative whose objective is the commercialization of electrical energy of certified renewable origin, betting on energy sustainability and transparent management. In the long term, the cooperative also aims to promote renewable energy generation projects in a distributed manner, as another step to achieve a 100% renewable energy model. Our operation is based on the cooperative model, this means that we are a participatory, open and democratically managed organization, where all people cooperate to evolve towards a more equitable and sustainable society.

The Nosa Enerxía project arises in Galicia at the initiative of a group of people who are committed to a new energy management model, where renewable energies, energy efficiency, the promotion of the local economy, transparency and democratic management are the bases of this new model.

The cooperative’s activity is organized into three large areas:

  • Commercialization Area: The commercialization of energy is the main activity of the cooperative, so this area has the task of supplying electrical energy of renewable origin among the members of the cooperative. In a complementary way, all those tasks necessary for the proper functioning of this area will be developed, such as, for example, procedures in the electricity sector, processing of invoices, attention to members, etc.
  • Generation Area: When we have sufficient economic capacity, the cooperative will promote renewable energy generation projects, in order to produce 100% of the energy we need. The functions of this area will consist of formulating, studying the feasibility, executing and managing renewable energy generation projects.
  • Social Area: We are a socially responsible cooperative, not only with our members, but also with the society of which we are a part, so, to the extent of our possibilities, we work to achieve a sustainable development of the contour in the that we act. In this way, this area is in charge of carrying out all those actions that improve the quality of life of people and the environment, for example, training in the rational use of energy, the enhancement of the rural environment and natural, etc.

The basis of Nosa Enerxía are the members, who are the protagonists and the necessary strength to achieve the objectives set.

With a small contribution, you can contribute to all this:

  • You can consume electricity of certified renewable origin, at a fair and sustainable price.
  • You have access to the goods and services that the cooperative can offer.
  • You participate in the decision-making of the cooperative, and therefore contribute to energy sovereignty.
  • You collaborate in a collective property project, and you make the energy management democratic.
  • You can participate in the start-up of the renewable energy generation projects that are going to be carried out.
  • Help in a management model that defends sustainable development and supports the principles of the social economy.
  • You support the defense of nature, the protection of the environment and activities of a social and solidarity nature.
  • You strengthen the autochthonous renewable energy fabric, generating work and development at the local level.