LOCATION: Boo de Piélagos (Cantabria)

ABOUT THE COOPERATIVE: SOLABRIA was born in 2013 as the first cooperative for the commercialization and generation of EE RR in Cantabria. It has partners throughout the Autonomous Community and the support of various groups from Campoo and the Palentina Mountain.

As main value we have the firm conviction that a change in the energy model is essential to counteract climate change and the destruction of the planet, which we will only achieve if citizens take the initiative to promote the generation and consumption of renewable energy, at the same time as decrease the use of fossil sources.

We can also add the following:

  • Participation in the collaborative economy system.
  • Grouping around common values.
  • Generation of wealth and territorial identity.
  • Active participation in a change in the energy model.
  • Active involvement of clients / partners in the project.
  • Education and awareness with clean energy.
  • Creation of synergies at the national level through cooperation with other cooperatives within the Union Renovables and also at the European level.